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Although I’m a firm believer in cleaning, oiling, and re-greasing moving mechanic parts I unfortunately neglected my 1993 Nissan Micra over the past two and a half years by avoiding the cost of servicing it whilst I was studying at Uni.

Previous to its service, the car felt chunky and the engine didn’t sound as clean as when I became its latest owner – before then it had an annual oil change and service by a qualified mechanic.

So after looking at the options of a DIY approach alongside a search for independent garages who could service my car, I eventually settled on Service4Service for 4 reasons:

  1. I didn’t have the facilities at home to safely carry out an oil change myself;
  2. They offered a pick up and delivery service from my work;
  3. The service cost for the basic servicing package (interim service) was reasonable, although I decided to give it the full works as an apology to the engine that did regular long runs to Uni and back;
  4. If something else was wrong with the car that I didn’t have the knowledge of then I could have ended up ignoring some big issues.

I’ll give you a little walk through of my experience with Service4Service because the company did a really good job on my Micra just in case you want to look for an independent place to service your car.

When the Micra Got Serviced…

…I arranged for it to be collected from my work offices by an engineer from Service4Service, after booking it in through their website and talking with the account handler who called me after I completed the online part. I’d also arranged for it to be collected in the morning when I started work and returned within the hour before the work day finished.

So the engineer arrived in his own car with a clipboard and ID to prove he was from the company. He then checked the car over for any scratches and dents before asking me to sign some paperwork, followed by a swap of keys and off my car went to the company’s local service centre.

One of S4S’s salespeople called me once the service had been completed and informed me of a number of advisory repairs, however, I chose to stick with just the service as I have a family member who was able to help with the repairs otherwise I would’ve gone ahead with it.

My car was returned about half an hour before home-time and I’d also noticed it had been cleaned inside and washed, saving me a trip to the car wash – great way to finish off a car service. The engineer provided me with my list of suggested repairs and stamped the log book. Done.

Overall I was impressed with the level of customer service and fancy touch of cleaning my car before returning it to me. Also, they clearly did a good job because my engine feels far more efficient and I’ve noticed I’m getting a little bit more mileage out of a full tank which is always a great benefit.

I’d recommend trying these guys out because the site says they have 700 nationwide service centres so there could be one near you. Will also give them a go when I eventually get my Merc because they said that they protect the manufacturers warranty with their servicing at a much lower price than the main dealers. I’ve I had a star rating it would be a solid 5 out of 5!


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