Vintage Bicycle Refurb Update for 2013

BSA Star Rider
My BSA Star Rider

I’ve had the BSA Star Rider for a while now and there hasn’t been a huge amount wrong with it. I’m aware that to a lot of people it looks like I’m riding around on a rusty mess but trust me, this summer my bicycle will be the envy of vintage bike lovers everywhere.


The plan for this bike has changed several times and I think I’m ready to begin working on it properly now that the New Year is in full swing.


So far I have given the bike new tyres and inner tubes (made by Raleigh), which has given it a sexy white wall look from the 70s. I made sure to get the nearest exact replacements possible so I bought woods valves again – these are a bit of a pig when pumping the big full of air if I’m totally honest.


I also updated the gear shifter from the nasty broken one it came with to a white 3 gear Sturmey Archer shifter. It’s much nicer looking and contrasts perfectly with the matt black body paint.


This is the new plan, which I will stick to for 2013: continue to ride the bike while it works fully until the weather gets dryer. When the weather improves I will strip the bike of all its components until just the frame remains. I will then carry out all the steps necessary to re-spray and re-vinyl the BSA to as near its original state as possible. Then I will complete it by cleaning, greasing, and re-assembling the bike (hopefully in time for The Tweed Run).


This blog will document my bicycle restoration project as it progresses so that other people who wish to carry out similar projects can learn from my perspective. I’m hoping that this whole thing won’t be too difficult. So fingers crossed and get ready to follow my journey.


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  1. Lee says:

    I have one of these with dynamo hubs turmeric 3 speed I need to find a front wheel? .any how .nice bike you.

    1. Cheers, it’s very challenging to come across these parts nowadays but I usually find eBay and Gumtree very useful 🙂

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