The Bike Renovation Begins

My 'new' BSA bicycle

First of all hello and welcome to my blog. My name’s Mr Whitmore and I’m an online marketer from the UK. When I’m not doing that I’m working hard in the gym or on the rugby pitch and when I’m not doing any of that cool stuff I’m tinkering (a great past time for many blokes across the world).

This is my first of many posts to come on a bike renovation I’ve decided to carry out. My old man thinks I’m mad for starting this but I like a challenge so if this works it works. If it doesn’t…well you’ll get a nice weekly run down of my failure but I don’t intend to on any count.

The bike I’ve been lucky enough to buy through an online marketplace from a local fellow is a BSA brand (, not sure of the model and neither was he. All I know is it was rusty and damn old BUT it’s main components were functioning, so much so that I rode it to work this morning – sketchy!

I always liked the look of the single speeds and “indie-style” bicycles that whizz around London, the type that would typically have a Topman model perched upon it. This in mind I decided I’d find a bargain, strip it back, and ride the crap out of it. Easier said than done I’m guessing but who knows. In the next few weeks I’ll be following multiple online resources to get this done and I’ll let you know what I’ve been reading and watching for your own reference.

Feel free to take a look at a few more photos of my new bike below and I hope you enjoy reading my future posts.

BSA bike logo

BSA bike handlebars

BSA bicycle frame

BSA fixed gear


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